How long have you been working at TGI ? What do you do ?

I arrived last january as a system and networks administrator.

A few years ago, I already did an internship at TGI, rather in the programming field. Now, I’m in charge of the client servers’ maintenance, the network infrastructure and the equipment configuration.

We also monitor the OSCAR ecosystem of our customers to foresee possible anomalies. What I like about my job is versatility.

What are the skills required to be a system and networks administrator ?

To be rigorous is an essential quality: we know our customer’s business and what is at stakes. We must guarantee available servers 24/24 and 7/7. Also, we never face the same problem to solve, so we must constantly be curious.

What motivates you in your job ?

Versatility ! I also look forward to meet the client on the spot… What is planned because I’ll go in Sierra Leone next september !

What is OSCAR’s driving force ?

OSCAR is a real swiss knife, it’s a product that can be adapted to every client specificity.

What is TGI’s driving force ?

TGI is a company on a human scale, everyone’s knowledge is easily transmitted between teams and the ultimate goal shared by all: customer satisfaction and the anticipation of its problems.

What are your hobbies ?

I like sport, and especially fitness. It’s a sport that requires a lot of rigor and investment. It’s a real lifestyle that implies to lead a daily healthy life.

If you had to chose a mentor, anyone, who would it be and why ?

At TGI, it’s “master Denis”, he teaches me a lot about IBMi.

Outside, it’s Aziz Sergeyevich, a bodybuilder who left a whole philosophy behind him, a lifestyle.

What is your favourite quote ?

« No pain, no gain. »