Oscar provides Full Coverage
of your entire Container Terminal Operations

Used on more than twenty terminals worldwide, OSCAR provides the global assistance you need to plan, execute and control in real-time all your land and maritime operations. Our adaptable and modular solution suits very easily your local organization and all your operating procedures. Its user-friendly and comprehensive interface requires very few technical knowledge, thus ensuring fast adoption by your teams.

mixed-cargoMixed cargo

Control in real-time missions and events

Thanks to a wi-fi or narrowband radiocommunication system, all Data is shared in real time in one single database and reused on the various devices (gantries, riders, RTG, Reach Stackers, etc) of the yard. Missions are always defined according to the latest situation on your terminal. Full history of your container terminal operations is available for complete control.

Gate planning

Oscar integrates an online appointment module which allows you to share a timetable with truckers for the receipt and delivery of containers, directly from the Internet. Thanks to our solution, streamline traffic on your terminal, reduce peak times and increase your productivity. Traffic throughput and container terminal operations are optimized.


Your terminal’s performance and safety in a glimpse of an eye : From multiple dashboards, and on a scale mapping combined with real time GPS or DGPS Equipment tracking, OSCAR allows you to measure, follow and control all movements on your terminal very closely including vehicles routes and statuses. Available right from OSCAR’s main menu, you can easily modify the workflow, notably in case of disturbance to keep the fluidity of your container terminal operations.

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Vessel Operations Planning

Our solution allows you to simulate, view and manage various sequencing scenarios to produce automaticaly the most optimal Crane Split on your terminal. Thanks to our solution, you can chose the best solution depending on the number of equipments used, balance operation’s charge and duration, chose the best algorithm to fit your needs (fastest solution, most balanced solution…) and extract data to Excel.

Yard planning

With OSCAR, map your at scale yard and visualize containers and equipments on an interactive map. You can easily search containers and access to a complete dashboard of the current and on hold missions. Containers allocations are under your control with numerous parameters, and positioning is improved through proven and understandable algorithms. Gear automated assignments are defined in real time by the system, based on the most current available information, to minimize container’s terminal operations movements. In a few clicks, you can easily manage allotments changes.

EDI integrated module

Delivered with an integrated EDI module, OSCAR allows exchanges with all your partners per standard formats (COARRI, CODECO, VERMAS, etc.) or based on your specifications. All the incoming data are easily integrated in OSCAR and others directly
transmitted inside and outside the terminal.

Hosting Offer Service

For the past 4 years, we have been offering you the possibility to use our SaaS, a service that allows you to use our software online, without having to install it on your terminal’s servers : our DRP, Disaster Recovery Plan, protects your data from any disaster by allowing you to backup a copy on our secured servers.
The advantages of SaaS :

  • All you need is a connection to a web browser to access the software’s data in SaaS mode, no installation is required.
  • 100% mobile solution, SaaS management software can be used anywhere and anytime: all you need is a web access and a computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Data is stored online (in the cloud) and accessible at any time, allowing the company to invest without having to manage a technical infrastructure.
  • The update of SaaS applications is automatic, the same is true for version upgrades which are directly pushed by the publisher
  • SaaS management guarantees the company a much higher level of security than internally administered IT management.
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We implement our solutions ourselves
At TGI Maritime Software, we are committed to providing easily customized solutions that meet your company’s needs and make your terminal operations smoother. Experts’ teams will support the execution and implementation of all aspects of your project from the outset.
We provide and install all the equipment you need
We work in partnership with technology leaders to provide the most advanced, secure and reliable equipment (radio network, server application, hand-held terminals, etc.). Our solution works on IBM Power server, widely recognized for its robustness and its low cost of ownership. We implement either narrowband or wifi radio communication systems depending on your needs and budget.
We train and support your teams
We know how important it is that your teams get the best from our software. Our customized training programs ensure fast adoption of our solutions by your users. We keep supporting your teams with first class support services day after day
We ensure full maintenance and improvement
Our teams have developed an in-depth professional knowledge through years of experience in the maritime industry. Always concerned by quality and innovation, we are totally dedicated to maintenance and improvement of our software.

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