Used in many ports worldwide, MARCO is a terminal management system, a financial analysis software and a decision support system. Our software allows you to optimize your gross profit margin and your Human Resources.
Thanks to its analytical accounting structure, MARCO allows you to analyze margins according to your operational breakdown structure in order to optimize your business. What’s more, MARCO guarantees a follow up and planning of your Human Resources.
MARCO is a 100% adaptable terminal management system, and can be set up either on premise or on the cloud for organisations of any size or complexity.

Centralize and automate customer billing

Tariff schedules are created in a few clicks, customer invoicing automatically managed.

Track and fully control your costs and revenues

Internal and external cost entries are secured and accelerated. Your charges can be analysed on various criteria (cost categories, periods, traffic, etc.). You can also manage easily outstanding customer debts, improve visibility on accounts receivable and automate the calculation and posting of your accounting provisions.

Increase your efficiency

Optimize your production capacity and your gross profit margin easily.
Much more than a terminal management system, MARCO records rates of work, establishes performance measurement standards and allows a cost and revenue analysis.

Make wise planning decisions

Constraints business planning are configured according to your specification, assignments are controlled and automated. The production planning can be readjusted at any time and teams are keeping in the loop about the planning via different communication channels (voice server, web, etc.).

Improve the administrative management of your teams

As a terminal management system, MARCO guarantees a follow up and planning of your Human Resources. To ensure you make wise planning decisions, our solution takes into consideration availabilities and qualifications of your professional staff and specific constraints linked to their contracts. Furthermore, informations related to variable pay elements are included and directly integrated in your dedicated software.

Exchange easily with all your partners

Manage swiftly and easily all accounting and customs aspects of your tramping and brokerage transaction. Thanks to the automated calculation, our <strong>terminal management system</strong> allows you to produce spending port charges and vessel declarations. MARCO guarantees a complete shipowners payment management. Delivered with an integrated EDI module, MARCO allows exchanges with all partners through a wide number of formats or methods (EDIFACT, ANSI, XML, web services …).
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We implement our solutions ourselves
At TGI Maritime Software, we are committed to provide easily customized solutions that meet your company’s needs and make your terminal operations smoother. Experts’ teams will support the execution and implementation of all aspects of your project from the outset.
We provide and install all the equipment you need
We work in partnership with technology leaders to provide the most advanced, secure and reliable equipment (radio network, server application, hand-held terminals, etc.). Our solution works on IBM Power server, widely recognized for its robustness and its low cost of ownership. We implement either narrowband or wifi radio communication systems depending on your needs and budget.
We train and support your teams
We know how important it is that your teams get the best from our software. Our customized training programs ensure fast adoption of our solutions by your users. We keep supporting your teams with first class support services day after day
We ensure full maintenance and improvement
Our teams have developed an in-depth professional knowledge through years of experience in the maritime industry. Always concerned by quality and innovation, we are totally dedicated to maintenance and improvement of our software.

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