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TGI Maritime Software provides smart solutions for terminals
And custom maritime software to fit your specific needs

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We Work With Passion To Anticipate Maritime Industry Innovation Requirements

As a software editor and integrator in the maritime industry, we have been providing personalized and optimized solutions for Container and RORO terminals in France and abroad for more than 20 years. With our three configurable key products, OSCAR, MARCO and TGIBOX, our goal is to simplify your cargo operations, solve your logistics challenges and increase your productivity.
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Fast and Efficient management
of Vessel and yard operations
Tracking and optimization
of your costs and revenues
Wise planning
location on mapReal time geolocalization
of CHE on your terminal
cargoEfficient, quick and safe management
of picking and placing of containers
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OSCAR is less complex and more user-friendly than other TOS and Client Support delivers high quality services.»

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OSCAR is a complete software which allows a real-time control of all our maritime operations in Cotonou. Its user-friendly interface couldn’t be easier to use for our teams TOS.”


“Thanks to the TGIBOX, we have seen improvements in speed and reliability. Drivers save time each time they perform a container move. TGIBOX is a reliable and scalable solution that allows an easy access to the yard reports.”

Latest blogs
Wireless network
TGI configures and installs your wireless network

To manage efficiently containers and cargo handling on your terminal, you need high performance wireless networking covering large areas to connect all your cargo handling equipment to your Terminal Operating System. TGI supports you in designing and implementing the wireless network infrastructure adapted to your terminal’s needs. Depending on your network architecture and multiple parameters...

TGI supports the launch of CAMCIS for KCT company

Following promotional initiatives over the past four years by the WCO (World Customs Organization) for customs procedures digitization, Cameroon has been focusing on modernizing all of its customs services.  The new computerized system for the dematerialized management of customs activities in Cameroon called CAMCIS (Cameroon Custom Information System) makes it possible to strengthen the capacity of customs administrations to communicate and to access to an optimum management of goods flow.  Kribi Containers Terminal (KCT) has been working closely with TGI teams to adapt OSCAR Terminal Operating System (TOS) to this new digital customs system by providing optimal adaptation to new customs regulations.   OSCAR Terminal Operating System adaptation to new procedures is:  Automated: human intervention is limited as much as possible to maintain fluidity utilization  Directly integrated to OSCAR Terminal Operating System: processing is part of...

A new display feature is now available on TGIBOX

Did you know that our TGIBox allows real time geolocalization of Container Handling and all equipments on maritime terminals ? Thanks to our solution, containers location on the yard is known precisely and reliably. As a new feature, we have worked together with SOMACOM to develop a real-time visualization of Container Handling Equipment activity on a tablet display. This display improves efficiency and makes drivers life easier.   What are the advantages for you? Our tablet provides to drivers a better readability of their position on the yard especially valuable in bad weather or night conditions  Lock/Unlock phases are secured by viewing information directly on the screen ...