Discover how our TERMINAL SOFTWARE packages
will benefit your operations

For more than 30 years, we offer our customers smart and efficient mixed-cargo and container terminal software. Our solutions are adapted to the specific requirements of Container and Roro Terminals throughout the world.

To anticipate new maritime industry paradigms, our teams work every day on continuous improvements and put innovation at the forefront. Our R&D department conceives the solutions of tomorrow, invests in the Internet of Things, mapping applications and smart algorithms.

Find how our container and roro terminal softwares will make your land and sea operations smoother and safer.

Safer management of hazardous containers

Our container terminal software OSCAR allows you to securely manage hazardous containers that transit through your terminal. The module is customisable in order to conform with local requirements. Our solution allows you to manage:

  • Entry;
  • Allotment;
  • Berth and stacking bans;
  • Segregation distances;
  • Storage and maximum level restrictions;
  • Restrictions on secure locations.

You can easily search containers on your yard via a multi-criteria surch form and activate a specific set of controls while operating hazardous containers.

Optimization of the yard management

OSCAR interactive Yard map represents containers in a at scale yard and in real-time. You can easily search containers thanks to an exhaustive and multi-criteria container search form and access to a complete dashboard of the current and on hold missions.

You can take actions at anytime and in real-time on the missions. Containers allocations are under your control with numerous parameters, and positioning is improved through proven and understandable algorithms.

Gear automated assignments are defined in real time by the system, based on the most current available information, to minimize container’s terminal operations movements. In a few clicks, you can easily manage allotments changes.

3D positioning of your containers

TGIBOX provides you reliably and precisely, the position of handled containers. Each container moved is automatically checked and confirmed to your container terminal software without driver intervention. A central TGIBOX communicates in real time with each TGIBOX in CHE to get the DGPS position of each container at the time of locking and unlocking move. This data is converted into yard position and transmitted to your container terminal software. Data format is configurable and allows information transmission to the software of your choice. Thus, working comfort and productivity are improved and the number of errors related to the positioning of containers on the yard are drastically reduced. 

Vessel Operations management

Our container terminal software OSCAR optimizes preparation, real time execution and tracking of your loading and discharging operations. Our solution guarantees an optimal management of the current and upcoming ships’ calls sequencing.

Its many graphical tools execute the latest technologies which enable a clear, fast and user-friendly restitution of the numerous information and a simplification of your ship management. The experimented and proven algorithms allow you to optimize the sequencing of the operations as weel as to deal quickly and efficiently with the incidents.

Thanks to real-time data sharing and to the automatic calculating functions, the module enables you to maximize the containers positioning and the utilization of the equipment. From only one ship’s call, multiple scenarios can be simulated, visualized and managed in real time.

Container and Roro Management software

Real-time follow-up of your productivity


The “dashboard” application allows you to easily monitor your terminal’s productivity with the help of graphic widgets. For exemple, you can monitor in real time the activity and performance of selected RTGs, search for containers in the yard and access the full history of container movements, highlight containers in error zone and missions that cannot be processed for various reasons. The dashboard application benefits of a sheduled or periodic refresh of the database, and the widgets are fully customizable by the user and can be dispatched whereever you want on your dashboard, allowing you a real freedom of use.

Gross profit margin optimization

MARCO, our administrative and financial back-office software, allows you to analyze margins according to your operational breakdown structure in order to optimize your business.


MARCO ensures automatic invoicing and internal and external cost management. By comparing revenues and costs, at the operational level of details you want, MARCO allows you to optimize your production capacity and your gross profit margin. For example, our software allows you to establish rates of work per hour, per day of per shift, and calculates provisions and actuals costs based on data provided by your TOS.


Also, MARCO guarantees a follow up and planning of your Human Ressources. To ensure you make wise planning decisions, our solution takes into consideration availabilities and qualifications of your professional staff and specific constraints linked to their contracts. Furthermore, information related to variable pay elements are included and directly integrated in your dedicated software.

EDI integrated module

Delivered with an integrated EDI module, our container and RoRo terminal software allow exchanges with all your partners per standard formats (COARRI, CODECO, VERMAS, etc.) or based on your specifications. All the incoming data are easily integrated in OSCAR and others directly transmitted inside and outside the terminal.