OSCAR strated at PACOCI

The company PACOCI

PACOCI is a company co-owned by the Bolloré Group and APMT 50/50. It is based in Abidjan and its main activity is the repair of dry and reefer containers. They also perform container stuffing on their fleet. The repair activity consists of : one the one hand inspecting empty containers, and producing quotes to container operators when repairs are necessary; on the other hand to undertake repairs upon agreement. They therefore mainly manage empty containers.

The company’s expectations

PACOCI called on TGI to find a solution for the management of their repair terminal. OSCAR, which is adaptable to repair terminals, would allow them to computerize their data and have a better follow-up of the PACOCI terminal.

  • Identify containers at the entrance and exit of the depot in real time
  • Track the status of the container (to be repaired, start repair, end of repair) in real time
  • Commissioning handling equipment (Reach Stackers) for container movements
  • Locate containers on their yard
  • Streamline operations in general
  • Send EDI messages to their customers to inform them of the entry or exit of containers.


The solution provided by TGI

OSCAR is the TOS chosen to meet the needs of the site because it makes it possible to digitize the entire container management cycle on the terminal. From the entry to the exit of the container on the terminal, all movements and operations on the container are recorded in the system in real time and make it possible to optimize the rest of the process.

During the study phase, we define the actual process mapping that will be configured in the system, exactly as per company’s expectations. These processes, set up in the system along with management rules, will make the backbone on which all the company will rely to accelerate operations and improve management and control of processes.

The results

The site started on the new system in September 2021.  From this date on, data is actually collected and processed in real time in OSCAR. The management of operations is carried out from the control room. The containers are tracked from the entrance gate to their final exits from the yard. The stock on the yard is always up to date. Beyond the gains related to the industrialization of the processes resulting from this implementation (listed below), a gain on the security of the terminal was also observed (less travel on the terminal).

Observed gains:

  • Better flow control
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced wait times
  • Availability of information in real time
  • Automatic reporting
  • Automatic data exchange with partners
  • Remote monitoring of activities
  • Better billing management


A word from the customer (Terminal Manager)

“On my own behalf and on behalf of the entire PACOCI team, we congratulate TGI on the exceptional and quality work done during the services provided for our project. We have also been continuously impressed by the quality and professionalism of your trainer, his availability, and the results obtained through the implementation of the software. Thanks again to the whole TGI team, even if the road is still long for us in development.”

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