Charlotte Pouyet

Posted by | 2 July 2020
TGI supports the launch of CAMCIS for KCT company

Following promotional initiatives over the past four years by the WCO (World Customs Organization) for customs procedures digitization, Cameroon has been focusing on modernizing all of its customs services.  The new computerized system for the dematerialized management of customs activities in Cameroon called CAMCIS (Cameroon Custom Information System) makes it possible to strengthen the capacity of customs administrations to communicate and to access to an optimum management of goods flow.  Kribi Containers Terminal (KCT) has been working closely with TGI...

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Posted by | 24 June 2020
A new display feature is now available on TGIBOX

Did you know that our TGIBox allows real time geolocalization of Container Handling and all equipments on maritime terminals ? Thanks to our solution, containers location on the yard is known precisely and reliably. As a new feature, we have worked together with SOMACOM to develop a real-time visualization of Container...

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Posted by | 24 September 2019
How to drastically improve containers position accuracy on the yard?

For many years, the maritime industry has been committed to continuously improve terminal operational efficiency. Digitization, objects robotization and artificial intelligence are increasingly contributing to this improvement, and some technologies are...

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