Located in La Rochelle, GMOD (Groupement de Main d’Oeuvre Docker), employs dockworkers and crane operators operating in the port of La Rochelle, on behalf of local handlers.
Since 1 January 2019, GMOD has been using MARCO for the management of its human resources and the re-invoicing of its costs to handlers via the GTA module “Time Management and Dockers Activities”.
The benefits obtained by the GMOD are multiple and operational

This Time and Activity Management Dockers (GTA) module provides GMOD with effective monitoring and planning of Human Resources:

– Optimal planning: the allocation of resources to shifts is optimized taking into account all legal and operational constraints. Schedules can be adjusted at any time. Teams can be informed via many communication channels (voice server, mail, etc.), GMOD uses the voice server.
– Improved employee administration: The tracking of absences and the management of variable elements, interfaced directly into the payroll software, is simplified.
An almost automatic re-invoicing of working hours and variables to handlers.

Thanks to the intervention of a TGI team, MARCO was able to be deployed quickly and efficiently at GMOD.
To date, MARCO is deployed on numerous sites in France and abroad (metropolitan France, Morocco, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Reunion Island.) for the management of maritime agencies with a “consignment-tramp” and/or handling activity (invoicing-costs- time management & dockworker activities)

“The payment and accounting interface is functional and easy to use, saving me time on a daily basis, while the invoicing system is reliable and ergonomic.
In addition, I have received good training from the TGI team, which is always available and attentive to my needs.
– GMOD –

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