A new display feature is now available on TGIBOX

Did you know that our TGIBox allows real time geolocalization of Container Handling and all equipments on maritime terminals ? Thanks to our solution, containers location on the yard is known precisely and reliablyAs a new feature, we have worked together with SOMACOM to develop a real-time visualization of Container Handling Equipment activity on a tablet display. This display improves efficiency and makes drivers life easier.  

What are the advantages for you?

  • Our tablet provides to drivers a better readability of their position on the yard especially valuable in bad weather or night conditions 
  • Lock/Unlock phases are secured by viewing information directly on the screen 
  • The tablet alerts quickly and in real time drivers on the current situation (overweight, number of containers loaded by the reach stacker or straddle carrier, etc.)


Customer testimonial

“The tablet display works as we wanted with very good positioning efficiency. Our drivers are satisfied and find it of major interest.” Willy TECHER, delivery manager at SOMACOM

How does TGIbox work? 

The DGPS positions available at any time are displayed on a map on the tabletAt time of locking and unlocking it is converted into Yard position and transmitted to the Terminal Operating System. If container position received is not the one initially assigned, the driver is warned and must reposition the container. Important information is directly visible by drivers on the tablet. Thanks to our solution, drivers save time each time they perform a container move. 


If you wish to know more, don’t hesitate to contact our teams. 



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