night image of a maritime terminal

We were there... “Les Assises de l'économie de la Mer 2021” “Les Assises de l'économie de la Mer” made their return on Tuesday 14 and Wednesday 15 September 2021, in Nice. It was also an opportunity for Annick Girardin, Minister of the Sea, to present the measures resulting from the Fontenoy of Maritime, about ports...

IT replication
Jarry container terminal, based in Guadeloupe, opt for our “high availabilty” service

For many industries, IT replication has become essential to improve systems fault tolerance and availability. Computerized container terminals, regardless of their size, are no exception. Once computerized processes are in place, productivity gains are huge for the terminal. But when IT fails, without a backup server, performance losses can be colossal. In this context, any...

Wireless network
TGI configures and installs your wireless network

To manage efficiently containers and cargo handling on your terminal, you need high performance wireless networking covering large areas to connect all your cargo handling equipment to your Terminal Operating System. TGI supports you in designing and implementing the wireless network infrastructure adapted to your terminal’s needs. Depending on your network architecture and multiple parameters...

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