Lithium-ion batteries expedition under new regulations

Lithium batteries have been classified as a « hazardous chemical ». Depending on the environment in which they are transported, charged batteries may experience a « thermal runaway » which implies overheating and combustion. Thus it is now forbidden to transport them by air, in order to prevent from any disastrous damage of a burned stock of batteries....

Optimize your maritime operations with the new “Vessels Operations”

You are looking for a tool  that enhances the maritime operations performance of your terminal ? You want to manage the entire traffic faster and more efficiently ? Take a look at our new “Vessel Operations” module. “Vessel Operations” results from a redesign of OSCAR TOS’ maritime operations functionalities. The module optimizes the preparation, the real time...

Season’s Greetings from TGI

TGI wishes you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!    

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