You are looking for a tool  that enhances the maritime operations performance of your terminal ? You want to manage the entire traffic faster and more efficiently ? Take a look at our new “Vessel Operations” module.

“Vessel Operations” results from a redesign of OSCAR TOS’ maritime operations functionalities. The module optimizes the preparation, the real time execution and tracking of your loading and discharging operations. Built in multiple ergonomic and intuitive functionalities, “Vessel Operations” guarantees an optimal management of the current and upcoming ships’ calls sequencing.

Intuitive and graphical tools

Its many graphical tools execute the latest technologies which enable a clear, fast and user-friendly restitution of the numerous information and a simplification of your ship management. A sole connection allows you to browse through all the Vessel Operations functionalities for which the accesses are conditioned by defined rights for each user.

Multiple algorithms

The experimented and proven algorithms allow you to optimize the sequencing of the operations as weel as to deal quickly and efficiently with the incidents. Thanks to real-time data sharing and to the automatic calculating functions, the module enables you to maximize the containers positioning and the utilization of the equipment.

An access to the Crane Split’s best propositions

From only one ship’s call, multiple scenarios can be simulated, visualized and managed in real time. The results can then be compared in order to select the optimal Crane Split. If required, you can manually modify the proposed solution also.

An optimized containers loading

Thanks to the loading and the integrated boarding previsions OSCAR instructions, our solution deploys those data in order to automatically suggest you the best loading plan. The parasite operations are then reduced and the ships operations duration is minimized.

A OSCAR TOS integrated module

The “Vessel Operations” module is an integrated part of OSCAR TOS which plan, execute and control in real time all the activities of the container terminals. Used by more 20 container terminals worldwide, the OSCAR TOS is easy to adapt, modular, configurable and it can be rapidly implemented and launch into production.