Marseille Manutention, first Roro terminal of the Marseille/Fos port in the direction of North Africa,  provides the shortest transit-time from Europe via Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Libya and the west coast of Africa. Last November, Marseille Manutention selected CARROL to increase efficiency in short sea shipping.

CARROL, a communicating Terminal Operating System

Data sharing wasn’t possible with the previous software used by Marseille Manutention. Thus, teams were required to transmit the same information multiple times. In contrast, thanks to its EDI integrated module, CARROL emits, receives, controls and integrates different logistic and business details to and from the Port Community System (PCS) in an efficient way. More precisely, CARROL:

  • Receives docking request in real time, which allows to anticipate the receipt and delivery of goods
  • Informs the Port Community System (PCS) of all land or sea cargo moves. Thus, for exports and imports, forwarders are informed in real time and can prepare their activities at the right time.
  • Can exchange with any other partners through the appropriate format.

Tedious processes, superfluous administrative work and multiple software are eliminated with CARROL.

A just-in-time management

Short sea shipping entails that information can be sent at the last minute, leaving little time for the terminal to anticipate and organise its activities. A good example is when trailers are emptied and refilled in order to be loaded on the same ship as the one they were discharged from.  CARROL is able to manage these occurrences of  “just-in-time loads” through intelligent planning solutions, and real-time decision making support tools.
Just-in-time management, and optimized data exchange with all partners, allow terminal operators to work in a very smooth environment and their teams to focus on higher value-added activities, in particular on relations with forwarders and shipping agents.