We have been building our expertise in delivering maritime software for more than 30 years. Today, our corporate identity is evolving in order to reflect our dynamism and our ambitions.

New graphic universe

More modern, our new identity aims to reflect our dynamism and our willingness to become a major player in the maritime software industry. Our flagship products, OSCAR, CARROL, MARCO and ALIS now have a strong and easily memorable visual identity. You’ll find key information about our products directly on our main Web site page.

New Web site

More intuitive, our new Web site has been designed in order to improve your user experience. Furthermore, a “news” space is accessible from the home page to keep you up to date with the latest publications about our products, our innovations and our new bases in France and abroad.

View our newsletters

We also invite you to registrer to our periodical newsletters that intend to provide you fresh information about TGI and to deliver helpful tips on our products. For this purpose, discover very soon a“newsletter sign up” area in the upper-right corner on our main Web site page.