In case you missed it, TGI compiled marking facts that occured in March and April, which are marked by perspectives of digitalization and ecological projects.


Technological developments incite terminals to evolve and offer more digitalized facilities. The shipping and logistics company OOCLand Microsoft Research Asia collaborate to introduce artificial intelligence in the shipping industry, to optimize shipping network operations.

Rolls-Royce has revealed a system using Intelligence Awareness (IA), aiming to minimise safety risks for navigators in case of tough weather conditions. The Port of Antwerp is developing a « smart harbour » project in which smart technologies could improve land-side and water-side’s efficiency.

The Port of Rotterdam has released the first version of « Pronto », its new application. This app aims to reduce the waiting time for departing ships.


Shipping is also becoming a greener industry. Indeed, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) recently agreed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2050. This translates into the implementation and the development of new plans.

Eco Marine Power recently revealed a concept for a low emission vessel using renewable energy. This vessel would be equipped with a sail system using wind and solar energy.

Environment is also an issue for Hamburg Süd. The maritime company and Electrolux finance a project aiming to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions in ports, by using cleaner marine gas oil for example.