The Hazardous Management module has been designed to allow you to automate the controls and treatments associated with the handling and storage of dangerous containers and to provide the necessary visibility for your teams and partners or port authorities.

Created to enable you to secure the management of dangerous containers that must pass through your terminal, our module gives you access to a set of control, reporting and alert functions accessible from a single page.

Adaptive settings and rules

The parameters are adaptable to international standards and your specificities. On each page, the data are presented in a sortable and filterable table, allowing you to search quickly, targeted and multi-criteria. All rules can be edited, deleted, and added.

Prohibition management

Thanks to the Hazardous Management module, you can manage bans and restrictions related to berths, maximum plane heights, stacking.

Precise calculation of segregation constraints

The module allows you to view and set the segregation distances between dangerous containers that meet the selected criteria. The restriction is here defined by a pair of two sets -Class IMCO, Equipment Family- and a distance, the equipment family being optional.