How long have you been working at TGI ? What do you do ?

I’m working at TGI since the 8th of January 2018 and i am a test leader.

What are the qualities required to be a test leader ?

You have to be rigorous and curious. And you need to be able to adapt easily and quickly to grasp new applications. But first and foremost, you have to be a good communicator ! It’s not always easy to report anomalies to the development team. Thai aim is not to criticise the work that is done, but to work together to improve the quality of our applications.

What motivates you in your job ?

To find bugs of course !

More seriously, it’s the satisfaction of knowing that the work that is done benefits everybody. By improving our applications’ quality, we offer the best to our customers and our teams internally. Less problems to solve for our customer service team, less rework for our development teams who can concentrate on our softwares’ future evolutions.

What is OSCAR’s driving force ?

It’s OSCAR’s ability to interface and evolve towards new technologies like the one used for the YARD module, (at scale yard management) or TGIBOX (container handling equipments geolocalization).

What is TGI’s driving force ?

We are in a company of human scale and we maintain a special relationship with all of our customers.

What are your hobbies ?

Above all, I enjoy spending time with my family, my wife, my three-year-old daughter and my six-month-old son. I practice floorball, a type floor of hockey that is an indoor team sport. I am the goalkeeper in the Phoenix club in Wasquehal near Lille. We are involved in the French Elite league and I have two France Champion titles, in 2013 and last season in 2017. Unfortunately, we had o admit our defeat in the semi-finals.

If you had to chose a mentor, anyone, who would it be and why ?

My coach and floorball captain, Thibault Van Nedervelde.

He has been teaching us values of respect, discipline and fighting spirit for 7 seasons now. These values allowed us to finish on the podium of the championship each season.

What is you favourite quote ?

It comes from Karadoc in the television series Kaamelott : « Fat is life ».