How long have you been working at TGI ? What do you do ?

I arrived on the 6th of February 2017 and I’m an apprentice in functional support.

My main mission is to set up the test automation platform with Julien and Stevie. I also manage user documentation to allow customers to extend their knowledge on our TOS and I accompany them in the use of the various modules at their disposal.

What are the skills required to do your job ?

In my opinion, a tester has to be curious and creative about the test scenarios he does. He must make sure he has a good business knowledge and be autonomous. His priority should be to ensure customers satisfaction.

What motivates you in your job ?

What motivates me the most is customer satisfaction and, as part of my missions, contributing to the improvement of the product cycle, the perpetual search for improved deliverables.

What is OSCAR’s driving force ?

OSCAR is compatible with other external systems.

It’s a TOS in constant evolution !

What is TGI’s driving force ?

Mutual support between teams and customer responsiveness without a doubt.

What are your hobbies ?

Playing sports.. For me, sport is a discipline that brings me stability in life… Which sport ? At the moment, I practice swimming and football.

If you had to choose a mentor, anyone, who would it be and why ?

I don’t have a mentor, I learn from my mistakes and I’m inspired by what I observe around me (other experiences) when I need to make an important decision in my life.

What is your favourite quote ?

« It’s in the effort that we find the satisfaction and not in the success. A full effort is a full victory. »