The « Yard » module allows you to visualize your yard at scale and to monitor your operations in real time. Within the application, data concerning containers and missions is updated in real time.

At scale and in real time yard mapping

The new « Yard » module aims to represent containers in a at scale yard and in real time. A top-down view of the yard, and graphical views of the stacks, bays and spans of the yard, contaning the containers information, are visualizable. You can also access to the stacks and bays details, and to the devices assignments.

Search for containers on the yard

The « Yard » module allows you to locate a list of containers on the yard. You have access to a comprehensive and multi-criteria search form for containers. You can also move containers graphically on your yard, either for a report or to initiate a transfer mission.

Actions on the missions

You can access, via the « Yard » module, a complete dashboard of the current and on hold missions. This table provides the ability to modify destination allotments and missions assignments directly from the interface. You can thus easily manage allotment changes with or without a transfer mission.