TGIBOX, dedicated to real time geolocalization of Container Handling Equipments on maritime terminals, is now operational at SOMACOM.

Willy Techer, delivery manager at SOMACOM says :

“Thanks to the TGIBOX, we have seen improvements in speed and reliability. Drivers save time each time they perform a container move. TGIBOX is a reliable and scalable solution that allows an easy access to the yard reports.”

Very competitively priced, this product works with most types and brands of Container Handling Equipments (CHE) (Reach Stackers, Straddle carriers, etc.), and can interface with many TOS. This solution seeks to intelligently streamline yard resources and to manage efficiently, quickly and safety picking and placing of containers.

How does it work? A central TGIBOX communicates in real-time with each TGIBOX in CHE to get the DGPS position of each container at the time of speader locking and unlocking. Thanks to a smart algorithm and good communication systems, containers positioning at time of event is converted into Yard position and transmitted to the Terminal Operating System. Data transmission, via WiFi or narrowband network, and format, can be adapted for each terminal and transferred to most Software.

Made in France, TGIBOX aims at being a durable product of superior quality ensuring a lower cost of ownership and a rapid return on investment.