On Thursday, August 29, the MSC Madhu B, the largest container ship ever seen in Reunion Island, arrived on the island. With a length of 330 metres and 12,300 containers, it is the largest container ship to have docked at the Port.

The MSC Madhu B
It is the largest container ship ever to dock in Reunion Island with a capacity of 12,236 TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent).
Built in 2017, the MSC MADHU B has impressive dimensions in the port with its 330 m length, 48.20 m width and 14.40 m draught. “These characteristics are close to the maximum acceptable at the East port,” says the Grand Port Maritime.

This technical stopover should enable the world’s No. 2 container transport company, MSC, to test the future joint NEW NEMO line that it will deploy in cooperation with CMA-CGM (grouping of the NEMO and Australia Express lines).

OSCAR, the TGI TOS, is used by the 3 stevedores of the port, SAMR, SGM and SOMACOM who share the terminal, to operate all container ships. It allows the pooling of resources beneficial to the port as a whole. It has been subject to a number of specific modifications to adapt to the evolution of the processes required by the new shared service.